Analysis of different materials and the manufacture of surfboards

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This thesis is divided into two parts, a literature based research and analysis of test results from testing of self-made surfboard samples. The first part consists of investigations about the history of surfboards including the development of surfboards and the common materials used for surfboard construction now-a-days. The different manufacturing methods of producing surfboards are closely related to the surfboard construction and its materials. Investigations concerning these methods and conventional damages of surfboards were carried out. The second part of the report discusses the production of self-made surfboard samples and subsequent material tests. The influence of different foam, fibre and resin materials on the durability of the surfboard was tested with the help of an impact test, four-point bend test and compressive indentation test. The test results showed that the choice of high density polystyrene foam, carbon fibre and epoxy resin results in the best performance. Under cost considerations, the choice of high quality and high density foam is very important because it greatly affects the mechanical properties of the surfboard construction.
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