Appropriate Renewable Energy Technologies in Household Sub-Sector

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In this book, Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) was used to select the appropriate Renewable Energy Technology for Climate Mitigation and Adaptation along with the analysis of household energy consumption survey in the two districts of far-western region of Nepal has been carried out. Since, selecting technology for this region with single criteria does not gives the perfect result, for which MCDA has been adopted considering costs, economic, environmental and social criteria. The MCDA found the renewable energy intervention with Improved Cook Stove (ICS) technology for high and mid hills and Biogas technology for Terai be best option for mitigation of GHG emission with social and economic benefits and fuel switching through solar cooker found to be the best option for this region to have climate adaptation as one time solution. The projection of GHG emission by penetration of these technologies give reduction in indoor emission by half the value it would be without penetration of these technologies by 2030.
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