Drum Freezers: Computer simulation and application

Рубрика: Технические науки в целом
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Drum freezers are widely and successfully used in the fish, meat and dairy, food processing and other industries, in practice, in most countries of the world. Over the past few years, the considerable efforts are made to improve their design and effectiveness. However, information on the results of these studies can be found only in scattered publications and periodicals that impede to generalize and use the data obtained in the practical engineering. The basis of the book is based on a real, experimental and theoretical investigations carried out by the author for 35 years, as well as development experience and extensive industrial use of these devices on board fishing vessels and shore facilities accumulated by users over the world. The book presents methods for engineering design of drum freezers of continuous action on the basis of mathematical models of heat transfer processes and the development of computing experimental systems that meet the capabilities of modern computing engineering. The author hopes that the book may be useful for engineers working in the enterprises and organizations of the corresponding profile and students of universities and colleges.
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