ICT Security Applications

Рубрика: Безопасность серверов, сетей и информации
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ICT Security Application is a books for all those who wish to know the currect awareness level in developing countries as presented by Abanti Cyrus, Onsongo Jane and Lusiba Badru.The book chapters are as follows: Esoteric-based access control of digital medical summeries by Abanti. Information security incident reporting and audit investigations by Abanti Impact of IT on instruction delivery by Prof Jane Onsongo and Abanti Cyber security evaluation framework by Badru Lusiba and Abanti Integrating ICT on E-schooling for digital content by Abanti Biometric security: Medicine for password headache of millenium IT users by Abanti Cyrus Abanti is Lecturing Information Systems Security Audit aand Information systems strategy at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT Kenya. Lusiba Badru is Computer lecturer at Nkumba University and Prof Jane Osongo works with the Kenya Ant-Corruption Commission of Kenya she has high interest in ICT application in fighting efraud.
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